2. Next, Peter – the Aussie

Peter Richards
While we wait for Pete’s Story,
I’ll repeat what David said about their meeting…

…I met a fun Aussie guy called Peter Richards. Pete, a photographer, was some sort of cousin of my then girlfriend, Jane Wilde. We started planning a trip around ‘off the beaten track’ Europe, initially together with Jane’s sister, Ingrid and a friend of mine, Lady Catherine Packenham. Unfortunately Catherine’s father, Lord Longford, was a Cabinet Member of Britains  Government at the time, and she was refused permission to travel to Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, by the Foreign Office. So we started again. Pete and I planned an ‘extension’ of our original trip, but, this time around Africa…”

Peter can pick this up – and tell us the REAL story…

There are 3 other chapters in this section;

In the Beginning… David
Next was… John
Then came… Keith


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