Lester Jolly’s Pictures…

Lester has just mailed me a bag full of old photographs. All taken at The Overseas Visitors Club, London between 1963 – 1965. If you can help in identifying any of the people below, please note the picture number and names – and send to me at jrpolson[at]bigpond[dot]com.

Thanks also to Annette Cowderoy (now Annette Crossley) for her help in identifying many of the pictures.  She is now living in Provence, France – and can be found here.

1. Lester Jolly – hosting a group of friends…

2. Was Frank Delfos ever this young?  Dressed for Ascot…

3. In the Grotto Bar. L-R Dudley, Bill, Ted, Frank Delfos and Kathy…

4. Dick, Gustav, Don and Cedric… in the Grotto Bar

5. One half of a crowd scene – 10th Anniversary Ball…
Back row of sitting people, 2nd from left – Johnny Derrens.

6. The other half of the same crowd scene…
First line of standing folk, on right of photo (partially obscured) is Annette Cowderoy.

7. Lester Jolly with Max, the Club Macaw…

8. Tracey – perhaps from the Gold Coast?




12. Lester Jolly (far right – front row) and…



15. Lester Jolly (L) and…

16. Max the Club Mascot, a South American Macaw, could swear in five languages and could always be relied upon to drop the magic word at exactly the wrong time…

17. Max again… Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark!

18. On the left, Jean Colvin. On the right, Georgina Gaal. With a lucky David Lawson in the middle!





23. Eric Muller.

24. L-R. Jean Colvin, Eric Muller and Georgina Gaal.

25. Jean Colvin.

26. Lester with… Jean Colvin and Georgina Gaal.






32. Georgina Gaal (L), David Lawson and Jean Colvin (R).






If you can help in identifying any of the people above, please note the picture number and names – and send to me at jrpolson[at]bigpond[dot]com.


4 Responses to Lester Jolly’s Pictures…

  1. Annette Cowderoy says:

    John, So many faces so very familiar. I spotted myself in two crowd scenes as well !!

    With great certainty I can say that in photo 18,14 and 26 on the right with Lester is Georgina Gaal who married Tim Sutton. Sadly both Georgina and Tim have died.

    The girl with George is well known but her name excapes me. We all loved in the same house in Nevern ? just behind the club !

  2. Annette Cowderoy says:

    Doing a double take but…..I am pretty certain with Georgine in photo 24 is Eric Muller -who I have recently found I will check with Maxine.

  3. Annette Cowderoy says:

    John, below is the email from Maxine..it is Eric in photo no23 and 24 with Georgina and a girl called jean ?

    See email below

    I have looked onto the Old Blue Truck website and the photos nrs 23/24 are definatly Eric, he is with Georgina and another girl called Jean, who I might add he married in a mock (hopefully) ceremonly at Gretna Green, there is an amusing story attached to that…..we are going to have so much to catch up on. I must say I was impressed at the photo of me and Jon taken in the restaurant at the OVC, wish I still looked like that. Do you remember a couple Brian and Melody, Brian (Forsyth) worked on the grotto bar, they married when they left london and went back to SA, I was Melodys bridesmaid, anyway she sadly died of cancer over 2 years ago, Brian still lives in Pretoria, I am going to send the Old Blue Truck website to him, they have one surviving son Brett, their eldest son Greg, died of cancer before Melody, a very sad story.

  4. Annette Cowderoy says:

    Photo 5 left just back from the front kneeling is Johnny Derrens..according to Graham !!!! and I agree.

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