2. Getting Together. Again

We were due to meet up at Heathrow’s Terminal 4
at exactly 1:20pm on Tuesday June 20, 2006.  No big deal for Keith – just a short hop from Ottawa to London – but for us it meant leaving home 2 days earlier… and overnighting in both Sydney and Hong Kong.

It might have been an omen – but he (who was pushing the bike bag) took some convincing that the designators on the nose wheel actually stood for ‘Juliet Bravo!’ 

We arrived in Hong Kong an hour late at 1830 – Airport Express to Central, quick walk to Admiralty, taxi to Peak Tram, Peak Tram to Peak (where else?) quick dinner and two Tsing Taos, slow walk around Lugard Road (yes, the view impressed him – he let me take photos!)

Peak Tram down again, quick march through Mid-Levels to the Foreign Correspondents Club (old haunt) down into Lan Kwai Fong (which impressed him more than the FCC) down past the Mandarin Hotel (closed for renovations until August) to Exchange Square, back to Airport – by midnight…  Now – tell me…  If he’s so bloody fit, how come he then passed out on a couch – and left me to guard the luggage?  
A bleary eyed take off – over more views of the Fragrant Harbour…

More sleep!  Several movies – and then a study of the form for Le Tour de France… nothing else for me to do but study the camera manual – and have the odd bloody mary – or six!

David was in charge of the arrival pictures… and he got a great one of the bloke with the bicycle bag – but missed me completely!

Together again (all three of us) for the first time in 40 years… and some (well ONE) of us still has all his hair… The other two are looking pretty good – for their age…

Keith stowed the bike bag and we prepared for the drive to Ickham…

Into David’s brand new Saab Estate – out onto the M25 – round the ring road and down the A2 – past Canterbury – 160km and then a hard turn left.  11km through the Kent lanes – to Ickham and the Coach House.  Patricia welcomed us with champagne… we were home! 

Read on… Kent Lanes and Canterbury…

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