3. Kent Lanes. Canterbury


I’ve always loved Kent. In the 60s, David used to bring me down for weekends – when he visited his parents in Hearn Bay. We would bunk down in the Whitstable Yacht Club and fight the tides for oysters off the rocks – and be in time for fresh bread – when the bakery opened. I also discovered Kentish Ale. He took this young pilot to Biggin Hill – and ever since then I can picture the Battle of Britain dog-fights four miles above the Kent countryside. It’s quieter now – and on this crisp June morning – jet-lag woke me early and I went for a long leisurely walk…  

Past The Duke William – where I was at 2:00pm on that fatefull afternoon on September 11, 2001.  9:00am in New York – the landlady took the phonecall from her son who told her what he was seeing from his office window – 500 metres from the World Trade Centre…  I would have gone in for a nostalgic drink – but it was only 5:00am.   
On towards Wickhambreaux… passed by the sound of running feet – familiar feet.  When I returned – proudly announcing that I had walked to Wickhambreaux – JB had run all the way to Canterbury and back – smart arse! “There’s an interesting big church there” he said, “can we go and see it?” Ah… Canterbury Cathedral perhaps…?
So – we went to Canterbury Cathedral.  A first for me too – I’ve been to Canterbury several times – but never the ‘big church.’  A memorable afternoon and a real trip through English history.  The sermon from the Archbishop Keith lacked a certain amount of credability…

Back to the Wickhambreaux pub for a late lunch with Patricia – who had spent the entire day preparing a dinner with family and friends – as a farewell for our trip to France.

Departure day.  An early start – made even earlier by the amount of food and wine and wine – and wine – consumed the night before.  Seemed to have affected Keith’s back too – he’s having a lot of trouble with that little bag…  David is supervising.  We leave for Dover…  

Ickham UK to Le Mans France: More here…



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