4. Ickham to Le Mans…

Inside humor and oblique references to the First Trip in 1966 – in red!

An early morning departure from Ickham…  So long as Keith’s not driving (and Monsieur Queru has not regained his driving license), we should have done the first stage in about five hours… It took 10!

Down the A2 to Dover and onto the ferry.  David surprised us with bookings in the First Class Lounge – very civilised – real expresso and French Champagne.  Calais arrived too quickly…  

So – from Calais we turned right and headed South through Boulogne – paused for coffee in Le Touquet-Paris-Plage.  South again through Abbeville – on to Rouen – where we took the “tout directions” sign litterally and drove the ring-road – twice.  The next few kilometers were a bit untidy – but we finally made it to Alencon – and Le Mans.  Just in time to dress for dinner – a very special dinner.

Even the cab driver enjoyed our ‘reunion’ story.  This map shows the hotel location and the ‘Rue de l’Etoile’ – it also includes the Cathedral Saint-Julien (where our old seminary cells were) – and ‘our stairs’ at Escalier des Paris de Gorron.

When you think about it… we hadn’t seen Florence or Maman for 40 years (we had lost contact completely) the whole evening could have been a total disaster…

But it wasn’t!  The years just fell away – Maman had her three prodigal sons back – and JB had a brand new Grand Maman…

And it had only just begun… we were invited back to the ‘big house’ in Rue de l’Etoile the following day for lunch…

Le Mans with Florence… Read on…


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