2008 Gold Coast Tri


2 March, 2008
Gold Coast Triathlon – Luke Harrop Memorial

Yesterday, just before dawn – we were dragged out of bed – we loaded the car – we schlepped the camera gear for miles – we set the tripod up in the tide – and we waited…  It’s easy for him.  He staggers down to the sea…

he stretches a bit… (he never waves)

He tosses his tracksuit to one of us – waits for a gastric sounding horn to blow – and he dissapears into the water for a nice early morning swim.  We have to gather up all the gear and race madly to another position (about a mile away) and set up the cameras again – because they refuse to swim back to the same spot.

He doesn’t even stop to chat – not even to his mother – just rushes straight past us – and goes searching for his bike.  And he often has trouble finding it… 

Then he rides off into the distance – leaving us all to head off in several different directions – setting up the cameras again in the forlorn hope that at least one of us will get a decent picture – or half accurate seperation times.  He flashes past – no wave to anxious parents.  Even when you think you’ve captured a smile – it’s actually a pained grimace.  Then he gets bored with the bike – throws it aside (on a good day it gets roughly pushed onto a rack) and he runs off again – in a totally different direction.  If we CAN get to the running track in time – we’re generally too knackered to get the cameras set up again. 

And then it’s a mad dash to the finish line – for US. (it’s just a casual jog for him).  And then he arrives – grabs the banner that someone has placed carefully across his track – and then throws it onto the ground – just like so much dirty laundry… 

He’s got at least a minute and a half in which to hug his mother…

or shake my hand (before one of his mates sees him doing this emotional stuff) – but no – he hangs around waiting…

for the next bloke to come in – and then hugs HIM.  He’s just spent the last 58 minutes trying to kill him – and now he hugs him! 

I hate Triathlons… 

But there’s going to be a lot more of them…


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