Go the Ladies… Emma, Emma, and Erin

Not sure this is going to work… or if TV in France is going to give the same priority to the race that AUS TV is – so here goes.  He had a disappointing day in Geneva yesterday – so he’s probably still sleeping…

18:08:08: Welcome to coverage of the Women s 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. 
We will only be able to provide you today with live text updates of the womens race.
07:50:00: The technical officials are setting the course out and welcoming the first athletes into the preperation area. Just over 2 hours till the start of the womens Olympic event.
08:00:00: Its 8am and 25 degrees celsius already and fortunately a clear blue sky.
08:15:00: Nearly all the athletes have now arrived into the check in. Uniforms and bikes are being checked that they conform to IOC and ITU regulations.
08:30:00: Spectators are filling the stands, there is capacity for 10,000 and all the seats are sold out. 90 minutes till the start.
08:45:00: All the athletes have picked up their bikes and are setting up their transition area.
09:00:00: All 55 athletes are now registered and are warming up around the course. 1 hour to go.
09:10:00: The water has been checked and the temperature is 28 degrees celsius.
09:20:00: Most of the women are now in the water warming up for the swim. 40 minutes to go.
09:30:00: You can feel the nervous tension in the air as the athletes make their way to the athletes lounge. Just one lucky athlete will become only the third womens Olympic gold medallist. 30 minutes.
09:40:00: Of the 55 athletes from 30 countries on the start line there are 37 first time Olympians. Only 3 athletes are on the start line have been to the previous two games – Mariana Ohata (BRA), Kiyomi Niwata (JPN) and Anja Dittmer (GER).
09:45:00: There has been just one change to the womens start list since the end of qualification. Daniela Chmet (ITA) replaces Nadia Cortassa (ITA) at number 2.
09:48:00: The technical officials are lining up on the pontoon as we await the athlete introduction.
09:50:00: The athletes are being introduced to the crowd led out by the Italians of Charlotte Bonin and Daniela Chmet.
09:55:00: The course consists of a 1 lap 1500m swim, followed by a 40km 6 lap bike course and a 10km 4 lap run.
09:58:00: All the athletes have now been introduced and we wait for the final 2 minutes until the start of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Triathlon.
09:59:00: The flags are raised.
00:00:00: The starters horn goes and they’re off.
00:02:00: At the 200m mark the athletes have split into 2 packs. A large pack on the right hand side with a smaller one on the left. There is one individual athlete on the very far left.
00:06:00: At this early stage 400m in to the swim Magali D Marco leads along with 5 other athletes at the front of the pack.
00:10:00: The athletes are together in 1 pack at the 700m mark but are spread out over 30 metres at this stage.
00:14:00: At the 1km mark. Ide JPN, Bennett USA and Haskins USA lead.
00:16:00: The pack continues to spread out with now over 60metres from head to tail. Di Marco SUI joins the lead trio at the head of this pack.
00:18:00: Just 200m to the swim exit.
00:19:00: The leaders are into the first transition from swim to bike.
00:21:00: Roughly 40 athletes come out of transition within 10 seconds. Snowsill AUS, the US team and Fernandes POR are at the head of this.
00:23:00: The lead pack now start the difficult long climb up the hill at the back of the dam. Emma Snowsill right with them.
00:25:00: Fernandes goes to lead the pack up the hill. Just over 30 athletes are in the lead pack with roughly 6 just off the back trying to make the ground up. Snowsill on Fernandes’ wheel.
00:28:00: A few names that we can see in this lead pack are Fernandes, Tucker, Snowsill, Di Marco, Bennett  and Lisk.
00:30:00: At the end of lap 1 roughly 20 athletes are left in the lead pack after the tough hill. These have 20 seconds lead over the first chase of 10.
00:35:00: The leaders tackle the climb on lap number 2. You can see a few at the back are struggling to hang in at this pace.
00:36:00: We just seen Rabie RSA on replay have some mechanical troubles with her bike. She is back on but has dropped out of the lead pack after this.
00:37:00: Biking supremo Nicola Spirig SUI has along with Ueda JPN bridged up from the chase pack to the leaders after the climb.
00:42:00: At the end of bike lap 2 Spirig now has moved to the front of the lead pack. Will she make another break before the end of the bike?
00:43:00: At the end of that bike lap the lead pack of 20 have 30 seconds over the chase pack.  Snowsill, Moffatt, Fernandes & Lisk in lead group.
00:45:00: In the chase pack we can see Abyssova, Rabie, Zhang, Haiboeck and Roberts to name a few.
00:52:00: The leaders finish bike lap 3 of 6.  They have a one minute lead over the chase.
00:57:00: Ohata makes a break from the chase pack to try and bridge to the leaders.
01:00:00: The lead pack contains Di Marco, Spirig, Ryf, Ertel, Haskins, Bennett, Tanner, Warriner, Hewitt, Ide, Ueda, Niwata, Snowsill, Moffatt, Tremblay, Lisk, Pilz, Tucker, Harrison and Fernandes.
01:04:00: The leaders finish lap 4.
01:06:00: The first chase pack are now 1 minute 20 down at the end of that lap with the second chase pack of 18 athletes another 15 seconds back.
01:07:00: As the lead group faces the climb for the 5th time Ertel again falls to the back of the pack struggling with the demands.
01:09:00: Ohata had fallen back in the previous lap to rejoin the chase but we see her bike skills again during the climb as she moves away again from the first chase pack.
01:11:00: Chase packs 1 and 2 have now joined to create a chase pack of approximately 27 athletes.
01:14:00: The lead pack complete lap 5, 1 lap to go.
01:15:00: There has been a crash at the top of the spillway. Groves is one of the athletes down and looks like is struggling to continue.
01:16:00: Abyssova is the other athlete involved in the crash and is being taken off the course.
01:19:00: The final hill climb and Ertel again falls off the back and looks like she may have lost the lead pack altogether this time.
01:20:00: The leaders are sizing each other out. No one has been able to make a move before the finish yet.
01:21:00: There is almost 2 minutes between the lead pack and the chase at this stage.
01:25:00: The leaders enter into the dam and are slipping out of their shoes for the transition from bike to run.
01:25:00: A fast transition from Moffatt and Snowsill who are some of the first out.
01:27:00: Snowsill and Hewitt move immediately to the fore with Bennett and Fernandes making progress through the pack to catch them.
01:29:00: Snowsill has taken a 20 metre lead over Bennett and Fernandes.
01:30:00: Hewitt, Moffatt and Spirig are just behind these.
01:32:30: At the end of run lap 1 of 4 Snowsill leads by 15 seconds from Fernandes, Bennett, Hewitt and Moffatt.  Emma Snowsill has taken control of the event – Go Girl!
01:35:00: The temperature continues to rise as we have one of the clearest skies since the start of the games. It is now coming close to 28 degrees.
01:38:00: Bennett moves past Fernandes into second. Fernandes looks to be suffering a bit.
01:39:00: There are three in fourth position, Moffatt, Ide and Hewitt. They are just 10 metres back from Fernandes and Bennett. Spirig is just behind these in 7th.
01:40:00: Snowsill finishes lap 2 and now has 39 seconds advantage over Fernandes who has moved back into second and pulling away from the chase.
01:42:00: Snowsill looks very strong and has a commanding lead at this point. It will be hard for anyone to catch her now.  I’m glad – I called it 10 minutes ago!
01:43:00: Bennett drops a little further back with Moffatt now overtaking her for third place.
01:44:00: Ide is just behind Bennett with Hewitt and Spirig another 10 seconds back.
01:46:00: Just after the run turn Ide moves past Bennett into fourth.
01:47:00: There is no stopping Snowsill who starts her final lap with an ever increasing and insurmountable lead.
01:48:00: Fernandes is 57 seconds back from Snowsill with Moffatt 11 seconds behind her and seems to be gaining.
1:52:00: Snowsill is at the run turn around in the final lap. Barring a problem it will her that takes the third ever womens Olympic triathlon gold medal with Fernandes second and Moffatt third.
01:55:00: Snowsill enters into the spillway. 500m to go.
01:56:00: She has the dam all to herself and will have plenty of time to savour the moment and the crowd who are wildly cheering.
01:56:00: 250 metres left.
01:57:00: Snowsill takes the final turn and is on the home straight. She will win.
01:58:00: Emma Snowsill is the third ever womens Olympic Gold medalist. She salutes the crowd, takes the banner and bursts into tears of joy as she crosses the line.
01:59:00: Here comes Fernandes for second place. A great battle today between two of the sports top athletes.
02:00:00: Moffat takes bronze and in a sprint for the line Bennett is fourth over Ide in fifth.
02:02:00: Spirig 6th, Ryf 7th, Hewitt 8th, Niwata 9th and Tanner in tenth.
02:04:00: 11th Haskins, 12th Harrison, 13th Di Marco, 14th Allen, 15th Lisk, 16th Warriner, 17th Ueda, 18th Norden, 19th Ertel, 20th Burgos, 21st Tucker, 22nd Densham, 23rd Frintova, 24th Sapunova, 25th Riveros.
02:08:00: Full results as well as the race report will be available shortly. Race gallery will be available later on tonight available only here on triathlon.org.


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  1. Thanks RM – there’s a young man in France who will no doubt enjoy watching the race! If you can also manage the mens’ race it would be fantastic!
    Again thanks

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