39 Years Ago…

Today is 39 Years since I arrived in Australia…
And I’m so glad I did.
I got to meet 2 very special young Australians.


One Response to 39 Years Ago…

  1. Patricia Hodges says:

    This year I also will have spent thirty-odd years of my life in a country that is not my own and have recently thought about my two sons in this particular respect. My offspring (26 and 29 years old) are foreigners to me in terms of cultural and linguistic identity, adding a puzzling but brilliant dimension to my relationship with them. From a latin culture to an anglo-saxon one: our differences emphasize the fact that people have always moved around the globe to settle down elsewhere, their original roots transforming and reaching out into the future of a new land. My life here has shown me the variable ways in which individuals experience and express their identity, and their relationship to the host community. Totally different economic, political, historical and social forces from mine have shaped my children. So this year I celebrate the theme of how my identity has been altered, multiplied, and extended by my sons’ ‘Englishness’. In their choice of lifestyle and career (bohemian musicians), their culture has offered them alternative forms of artistic and other expression that have often challenged my own Catholic, restricted upbringing and conventional way of life. A central issue that I often explore is whether I see them as my alter ego of cultural resistance as they have had opportunities that I never had to choose and to rebel! Unconventionality is a venerable and time-honoured characteristic on these islands and so I quite like to see them as English eccentrics.

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