Not Just a Pretty Face…

And on Bastille Day too!
Well done P…

Pity that the camera man’s hands were shaking – but I guess it’s understandable…


One Response to Not Just a Pretty Face…

  1. Patricia Hodges says:

    Having recently emerged from three years of academia and scarcely moving around the globe, I have had some quiet time to consider my travelling life to date and how my first life, Life Before David, and my second life, Life After etc, differ in this respect. Never to miss out on girlie pursuits like shopping during my Life BD, Miami shopping malls were some of my inoffensive pleasures. Watery pursuits did not involve a 5-day non-stop, sicky sea voyage from Cape Town to Tristan d’Acunha, but snorkelling cheerfully around a sun-drenched Caribbean island, and any break away from home always conjured the word ‘hedonistic’. Alas, those days are gone and I have had to struggle to justify my British national credentials by being ‘a good sport’ (the height of female achievement in the Anglo-Saxon world) and saying ‘yes please’ to every wild initiative put forward by hubby who is made of sterner stuff than what he calls my Peruvian Princess genes. Is this the spirit that conquered the Incas? he asks rhetorically every time I suggest something more placid than high-speed drives in Namibia’s Skeleton Coast. Memorable as they are, cockroach-infested Chinese hotels in the Gobi desert and dizzying lavatorial visits in the middle of the Andes were not part of my Life Plan. However, I soldier on and have endeavoured to enjoy life in a few mosquito-ridden outposts of the British Empire. An interesting jaunt is apparently being organized to include a few days in Vladivostok. Where? you may well ask. Not exactly a holiday-maker destination, I shall explore its virginity with relish in my new role as intrepid traveller rather than pampered tourist.

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