And finally – our last day in Paris…

There was still a few things on the ‘to do’ list.  So we walked from our hotel in St. Augustin to Galleries LaFayette for some last minute shopping.  Not so far really but we felt it on the way back, loaded as we were with wine and foodstuffs… It was Friday and Florence had sugested we visit the markets at Montparnasse – we took the Metro.  But from there we walked, down Boulevard Montparnasse to Boulevard Saint-Michel, through the Jardin du Luxembourg, past the Palais and the Sorbonne to Notre Dame.  He allowed me to stop briefly for a beer, while he strode off in search of River Cruise tickets.  Obviously we weren’t finished yet.  We took the river boat around the Ile de la Cite and all the way to the Tour Eiffel, where we jumped off at the Palais de Chaillot and climbed up to the Trocadero.  It was then just a brisk 4 mile stroll down Avenue Kleber to the Arc de Triomphe, right turn into the Champs Elyses, down to the Rond Point, left into Avenue Matignon and finally back to our hotel at Saint Augustin.  A total of 8 miles in 35 degree heat, absolutely knackered, and I wasn’t the one who just had an operation!

A quick shower at the hotel, retrieved the car (from its $95 per day park) and drove across Paris to Porte de la Chapelle and on to Florence’s place in Saint Denis for our last meal – in the garden.  It was to be a BBQ, and we found her with the BBQ coals set in her fire-place, and blowing down a long wooden (didgeridoo?) she used as belows!

Another wonderful meal… but Florence took the view that it was ME who over exerted HIM during our walk.  Jeez…


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