Went directly to Hospital…

July 14, 2006

Did not pass go – did not collect $200 – and will not be taking part in any cycle tour – this year.  As they say in the classics… Shit REALLY does happen.  On July 11th – my diagnosis of constipation turned out to be a very angry appendix – which (probably due to the laxative!) could not be operated on until later that evening.

On the upside… If you need an emergency operation – there are worse places to do it than Paris.  He’s recovering well, and he’ll be out of here later today – although it’s going to be some time before he can travel again.  It’s Bastille Day – and there’s fireworks tonight in the Trocadero!


Still in Paris?

July 14, 2006

Yes – and with a little unscheduled time on my hands… as you will see as you read on…  We travelled to Germany and Holland as planned, and then returned to Paris for the final 3 days.  We did all the tourist things – visited the Louvre, climbed the Eifel Tower… and then…