Back to Le Mans – and Dinner with Maman…

Later on day 1…
  Checked into our hotel in Mans and taxied to the restaurant for our reunion with Florence, her Mother and friend Marie.  The 40 year “gap” might have caused some awkward moments – but it didn’t.  It was as if we had been together all the time.  The food and wine were excellent – the company even better!  The night flew…

And on day 2…   we were invited to reconvene at “Maman’s” for lunch.  A very long lunch… which ended just before breakfast.

We spent the morning in the old town…

Then to Maman’s – the house (and meal) was just as we remembered…

But this time we got to visit the 3rd floor!

Clockwise:  John, Keith, David, Florence, Marie – somewhere between the 5th & 8th courses – and well into the 2nd case of wine.

JB and (for him) Grand Mamam…

Maman’s three prodigal sons… the picture is not out of focus – WE were!

Mid-afternoon, we went in search of the old Seminary we had spent a few weeks in (yes – you read that right!) and found this little bar…

Not sure if this is the Seminary (it was extensively renovated) but this is certainly the staircase we used every day… (Click here – scroll down)

Our Steps again – just to be sure…
Then to find the Cafe and Service Station where the Old Blue Truck (and us) had been taken, for repairs, after our accident.  No idea where (and no old photos)…  We could remember it was on the 24 Hour Race Circuit – and something about a ‘Red Slope’.  So we drove the circuit – and almost immediately… there it was… the garage had gone years ago and the Cafe had become a bar and restaurant – but it was ‘our Cafe’ – and – CLOSED!   But – we knew our way around the back – where we had lived in the mechanics’ yard – and found the new beer garden… and the new owner…

Isabelle was cleaning the entire place prior to closing after The Race season which had ended 2 days earlier – her husband Damien and a friend were settled down to watch ‘Les Bleus’ play in the World Cup.  She listened to our ‘Le Mans reunion’ story – opened the bar – and later prepared dinner for all of us – just like the previous owners did – 40 years ago.

  Comparing Race Posters… 
  from just one week earlier,  
  and 40 years ago!  That year’s
  poster was given to John by
  the Cafe du Tertre Rouge’s
  owner – in 1966.


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