Leaving for France…

Trip day 1 …
  Time to go – farewell the dogs – pack the car.  It was noted that Keith presented with a bad back so early in the trip – he never did like manual labour… Then a quick 25 km trip to Dover.  (I intend using kms in this story – because David still thinks in miles – and it REALLY pisses him off!)  So – Dover – and driving the cars onto the ferry.  Then a nice surpise (from the one who thinks in miles) – he had organised an upgrade for all of us – to the Club Lounge.  Very civilised, real coffee and real Champagne.  A nice start to a special day.  Arrived in Calais – turned right – and headed south for 550 kms – to Le Mans.  The navigation was of a very high standard – but the driver still managed to get us lost – probably because he was translating kms to miles – and not concentrating on the highway signs…

Pictures above (Clockwise) – JB & Archie (JB’s the taller one) | A bad back? | Just the 2 of us – JB and his Dad | Keith | David | John.


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