Coming – Ready or Not…

2 days to go…
   It’s 0200 Hong Kong time – we’re in the Departures Lounge – waiting –  waiting…   Arrived an hour late at 1830 – Airport Express to Central, quick walk to Admiralty, taxi to Peak Tram, Peak Tram to Peak (where else?), quick dinner and 2 Tsing Taos, slow walk around Lugard Road (yes, the view impressed him – he let me take photos!), Peak Tram down again, quick march through Mid-Levels to the FCC, down into Lan Kwai Fong (which impressed him more than the FCC), down past the Mandarin (closed for renovations until August) to Exchange Square, Express back to Airport – by midnight…

Now – tell me something…  If he’s so bloody fit, how come he’s passed out on a couch – and I’m sitting here typing this? 

Pictures above (Clockwise) – The bike bag, and coming to terms with it | Reading the manual, prior to take off | Young man, ready to eat | Older man, catching his breath | The view from the Peak | Sleeping like a baby.


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