Don’t forget your medications…

old buggers now!
We’re not 20 years old anymore – we’re all old buggers now! 

6 days to go… Really looking forward to seeing you  Tuesday. Program, such as it is, follows below:
Tuesday – meet up at Heathrow, arrive Ickham about 4pm. Attempt to get past welcoming dogs! (Bertie, Milo, Archie). Except for JB (no exceptions?) a bit of the bubbly stuff to celebrate. You guys then relax, shower, sleep whatever.  Quiet dinner – just us lot.
Wednesday – pootle about, K to Canterbury. If anybody wants to see Canterbury Cathederal we can do that. Maybe a drink at a local pub, depending on weather. In the evening, we have a relaxed ‘al fresco’ dinner. Apart from our ‘team’; my daughter Trish and her boyfriend Pete, and my grandaughter Sienna (6) will join us, as will Patricia’s youngest Christian (25).  Also joining us will be Brian and Christine (very old friends of mine, I’ve known them longer than you two!) who are house-sitting for us whilst we are away. Finally, a friend, Emma will join us.  She’s had a rough couple of months and we thought this little get together with you buggers was just the thing to cheer her up.  I’m sure the ‘bonhomie’ will really be a tonic to her.
Thursday – Depart Ickham for Dover no later than 7.15am for ferry departure at 8.20am. So I would think, with six of us to get moving, a wake-up call at 6.30 is called for. Maybe a coffee and juice at home, cornflakes or whatever and if required, something more substantial on the ferry.  Then a sumptious dinner in Le Mans!
Hope this is all agreeable to you.  Don’t forget any medications – We’re all old buggers now!  Have a great and safe journey and I’m really looking forward to our reunion.


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