Don’t Forget the Rollerblades…

29 Days to go
…  Just found this aide memoire. I know we’re all experienced travellers, but it might jog our ancient brains!

POCKET LIST:  Plane Tickets, Eurail Tickets, Money/Security Bag, Passports, Passport photo copies, Wallet, Money, Credit cards, Phone cards, Travelers checks $, ATM Card, ID Drivers License, INTL Hostel card, Student ID card, Health Plan card, Mileage Plus Card #, Phone #’s, Address Book Lists

TOILETRIES:  Toiletries Bag, Tooth brush, Tooth paste, Shaver, Shaver & Blades, Shaving cream, Soap, Towels, Wash cloth,  Dental floss, Deodorant, Sun block lotion 45, Brush/comb, Moose, Shampoo, Conditioner, Ear plugs, Chap Stick/lip balm, Medicine

OTHER:  Travel Books, Eurail Schedule Flyers, Hostel book, Matches/ lighter, clock/alarm, flash light, Extra batteries, Pocket Knife, Sun Glasses, Sewing kit, Deck Cards, Snacks to travel with, Water bottle, Zip Lock Baggies, pillow/pillow case, Day pack / back pack, Clothes line, Safety pins, Garbage bags(kitchen size), Hair ties

CLOTHING:  Shoes, Thongs, Hiking boots, Teva, 9 Pair socks, 1 Hiking socks, 10 Underwear, 2 Soccer/sleeping shorts, 3 Shorts, 3 Jeans, 1 Dockers, 1 Swim Suit, 8 T-Shirts, Long Sleeve shirts, Sweater, Poncho – rain, Jacket, Hats

CAMERA/ART LIST:  Camera, Extra Camera Battery, Tri Pod, 5rolls-Film 100, 5rolls-Film 200, 5rolls-Film 400, 5rolls-Film 1000, Sketch Book/ pencils, Journal writing

MAYBE:   Music Tapes, Rollerblades, Plug adaptor 4 Europe

Get European addresses, Get traveler’s checks, AmEx travelers 4 foreign$, Mail post cards to friends, Buy maps, Champagne


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