Vale Dr Pierre Drouin 1912 – 2006

1966 & 2004
Just a few hours short of his 94th birthday.
  Florence remembers him as “a father for forty years… since he married Maman in July 1966…  They had a very beautiful history – and, until the end,  they lived, loved and drank life to its fullest.  A beautiful life and beautiful history of love between the two of them”. 

Our thoughts are with Florence, Sylvie and Maman as they come to terms with their loss.

To the four of us – he was the warm, generous Doctor (with two gorgeous daughters) who rescued us in 1966 (just after our accident) from the wintery streets of Le Mans.  He housed us – fed us (that was Maman and the girls) – and weeks later sent us on our way…  We wish he could have held on for a few more weeks…  Now we will have to wait a little longer for our reunion.


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