le Pruneau d’Agen…

March 31, 2006

Les Petites Reines aux couleurs du pruneau
La gourmandise santé par excellence.
Naturel, moelleux, savoureux, le pruneau d’Agen satisfait aux exigences actuelles d’une alimentation saine et équilibrée alliant diététique et gourmandise.

C’est le fruit de l’énergie, du bien-être et de la prévention. 
Oh… Merde!  If JB finds out about this…


Time to Start on the Details…

March 30, 2006

Agen Restaurants
Should we book a table somewhere for the Saturday night we arrive?
I’m open to suggestions, but L’Atelier looks good to start off.  Oops!  Spot the deliberate mistake.  L’Atelier is closed on Saturdays!  What do you two think?  The Agen city site is here

After Day 11 – Final…

March 26, 2006

After Day 11 - Final
And our Ladies Relay Team looked suitably embarrassed…

Wonder if THIS is what they meant?

March 16, 2006

It's all been done before...
Would have been much more appropriate…

Let The Games Commence…

March 15, 2006

Opening Ceremony Fireworks
Old GREEN Truck?
Go Melbourne!

If it doesn’t distress you guys too much – we could track the medal count here… Whadayathink?  And, just for us, an Old Green Truck!

The Chauffeur’s Dilemma…

March 5, 2006

God Like?
Gents, you’ve organised things superbly. However there is one minor problem, which is easily overcome. As you both know, Heathrow is a pretty huge airport. Qantas (Queensland and Northern Territories Air Services!) arrive at terminal 4 and Air Canada arrive at Terminal 3!!! You both have organised to arrive pretty much at the same time, for which many thanks. I, despite being God like and also El Capitano, cannot be in two places at once! So I will have to pick up one of you (I include JB in ‘one’), and then drive around to the other Terminal to collect the other by which time you’ll probably be through and waiting on the pavement outside, so we can shoot straight off. (unless you’d find it easier to travel one stop on the Tube between terminals). I think John’s is 13.20. I can’t remember Keith’s. Please let me know your thoughts.

Blue Birds Over… yeah, right!

March 3, 2006

A NICE bloody welcome!  It’s only 14 weeks until Keith and I arrive in Kent to begin the second trip – and the Hodge has started his old antics already… The White Cliffs are only 20 odd miles from Ickham – and we know EXACTLY who did this…