The Old Blue Truck is back In London!

January 31, 2006

For Sale - 1 Careful Owner
The story still needs some editing – and the pictures are going to take a while… but she’s back home. 
The page is here… Wonder what happened to her, after we sold her?


A Big Day in the Office…

January 25, 2006

5 Little Red Flags...
For those of you (in England and Canada) who don’t understand this stuff – when game fishing boats return to port – they (hopefully) fly ‘tag flags’ (brag flags?) indicating the results for the day… one flag is good – two flags are better – three flags will draw a crowd… Five flags? deserves a mention on the Blog!  Just two us (old friend Ken Douglas and me) – no guests – getting a rare opportunity to just go fishing.  Story & pictures here.  I should also admit that this is a marked improvement on two days ago when (for the first time in my game fishing career) we returned empty – with NO flags flying!   

Cairo to Istanbul – done at last!

January 21, 2006

The Old Blue Truck has finally made it as far as Istanbul… At this rate I won’t have Trip 1 completed before we start Trip 2! 
The new page is here – it’s lucky that there’s 40 years between stories!

2006 is also the 40th anniversary of COMEX…

January 20, 2006

40 Little Green Flags
It was the COMEX organisation that brought the four of us together originally.  David has just re-established contact with Colonel Lionel (Greg) Gregory – who is still the driving force and there is much of his writing and poetry on their web sites.
I remember him as a fascinating (and motivating) man – and I regret not having had the opportunity of completing our adventure with him.  Many thousands of other young people did – and I suspect that his influence and vision extends far beyond his beloved Commonwealth.  I know he visits this site… Welcome aboard Greg – and enjoy with us – what you started!  Comex websites are here… and here.

First marlin of the New Year…

January 7, 2006

Only a baby
On Wednesday I took my first day off in 13 weeks, and took a few friends out fishing… One was visiting from Japan, one had his eldest son visiting from the UK and another was just escaping the typical Gold Coast Xmas-load of house guests!  The day was overcast – HOT – with storms threatening. 

The water (after the previous night’s storms) was a dirty milky colour… NO WAY were we going to find a marlin… But, just before mid-day…   Pictures here