The Overseas Visitors Club – London in the 60s.

Just prior to sitting down and writing the OVC page – I did a Google search to see what had been written by others… Nothing!  A few sites devoted to relatively new businesses using the name – and some making passing reference to the ‘Real Thing’ – but very little on this famous (infamous?) London travel icon.   This was the organisation that played a part in the emergence of such travel brands as Trafalgar Tours, Contiki Tours and Insight Tours – and launched the careers of thousands of young travellers to London and beyond – I was one of them…  

I’ll get started on that page – in the hope that other OVC ‘alumni’ will get to read it – and make contact.  Perhaps with their added input we can turn that page into something more elaborate – and a fitting tribute to the entity that played a huge part in all our younger lives.


2 Responses to The Overseas Visitors Club – London in the 60s.

  1. Bob Davis says:

    Good morning,

    I was first in London in 1962 and lodged at No8 Philbeach Gardens. It is a court that runs of Warwick Road near Old Cromwell Rd. I remember when the Club was originally on the Corner of Earls Court Rd,and also when the “New” Club was opened the same year.

    I worked for an English sharebroking firm named Morton Bros on the corner of Gresham and Coleman Sts, in the “City”. During the day I was a “yellow button”. I was allowed on the floor of the “house” to take messsages but I was not allowed to trade. You had to be a Blue Button to do that. My boss was Mr Gilbert.
    I have been back a few times over the past 10 years and always spend a day walking around Earls Court and enjoying a few beers at the Pubs.

    Many great times were had I would be pleased to hear from any others that were in the UK in 1962.

    Thank you,

    Bob Davis

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