OK Chaps – Pack your floaties… we’re Cruising!

October 31, 2005

Pack your Floaties!
The deposit has been paid – we’re confirmed! 
And I must note that it was much easier to get funds from you this time – than it was in 1966.

A picture of the boat is attached – and I can see Polson already trying to figure out how he can fit one of his silly game fishing chairs to the back of this one!  There are very few marlin in the Canal du Midi – JP…


The Overseas Visitors Club – London in the 60s.

October 31, 2005

Just prior to sitting down and writing the OVC page – I did a Google search to see what had been written by others… Nothing!  A few sites devoted to relatively new businesses using the name – and some making passing reference to the ‘Real Thing’ – but very little on this famous (infamous?) London travel icon.   This was the organisation that played a part in the emergence of such travel brands as Trafalgar Tours, Contiki Tours and Insight Tours – and launched the careers of thousands of young travellers to London and beyond – I was one of them…  

I’ll get started on that page – in the hope that other OVC ‘alumni’ will get to read it – and make contact.  Perhaps with their added input we can turn that page into something more elaborate – and a fitting tribute to the entity that played a huge part in all our younger lives.

The Old Blue Truck

October 31, 2005

Old & Blue
London 1966.  A Pom, an Aussie, a Canadian and a Kiwi met in a pub (it was The Overseas Visitors Club) – and decided to buy The Old Blue Truck…

We Write – To Taste Life Twice…
In the moment – and in retrospection.  (Anais Nin)

Anyone reading in Le Mans, France? Please help us find the Drouin Family again…

October 29, 2005

Dr & Mdm Drouin
Alors, nous avons passé deux ou trois jours très agréable avec Monsieur le docteur et Madame et, plus important, Sylvie et Florence Drouin. Si il y a quelqu’un(e) qui connait la famille ou qui a leurs coordonnés, svp, laissez-nous savoir…

We spent two or three very pleasant days with Dr and Mrs Drouin – and most importantly – Sylvie and Florence.  If there is anyone (reading this) who has contact with the family or knows their current whereabouts – please let us know.  In French or English to:  kdebpercy[at]rogers[dot]com

Tup Cairo?

October 29, 2005

The more astute amongst you are probably wondering – what (or where) is Tup Cairo… “Tup” is an ancient Egyptian word which (loosely translated) means “This Schmuck does not know sufficient PHP code to be able to sort his Page index any other way”.  So get over it!

OK, OK Already…

October 25, 2005

I KNOW the guestbook isn’t working…
I have no idea why (not)
But I’m working on it – ok?

Keith’s Story…

October 25, 2005

Keith again
One test of a relationship is one that lasts for 40 years. It all began in London in the fall/autumn  of “66. Just out of University, and set to see the world, I met the limey (or was it the kiwi?) in the Overseas Visitors Club and…  more on my page ‘Next was Keith.’