First Trip 1966

The man said, “Just keep going South until you run out of bitumen – then turn left.”  And we did… but it wasn’t as easy as that!  He also said, “If you get caught outside the truck during a sandstorm – lie down – back to wind – and just keep rocking from side to side.  Stay on top of the sand.”  And we did (once) – and it worked!

There will be several chapters in this section – so we can share the writing…  Links to each chapter are under Pages – on right – and below.

London to Le Mans, France – by Keith (because he speaks French, and we’re hoping to contact some old friends – before trip 2.)

Le Mans to Torremolinos, Spain – by the three of us – because we couldn’t rely on any one of us to tell the whole story…

Torremolinos to Tunis, Tunisia – by the three of us again – but for the last time.  We lose one of the team here. Not carelessness – he was called home. And a very funny episode in a Turkish Bath…

Tunis to Cairo, Egypt – by the two of us – some embarrasment for John – and serious reflections for all of us.  Peter leaves us in Cairo.

Cairo to Istanbul, Turkey – David and John go it alone.  David falls in love – and John spends a week in a family of women.  The Syrian Tank Corps causes them some concern – and they blow an engine in Ankara.

Istanbul to London – David and John bring the Old Blue Truck home – but not without trauma.  A drug search entering Greece – brake failure on the treacherous roads at Skala – a military coup in Athens – a casino win in Monte Carlo – and obligatory visits to all the iconic tourist sites of Europe.  Back in London the OBT is sold – for GBP 20 – and was last seen being prepared for yet another trip to Europe and beyond…


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